Baltic Way 2017

Baltic Way 2017



Baltic Way 2017

Baltic Way 2017 will be held in Denmark in SorÝ November 9 to 13.

Baltic Way is a team competition in mathematics, organized annually since 1990. Teams from all countries around the Baltic Sea and Norway and Iceland are invited. The name of the contest comes from the demonstration for the independence of the Baltic states.

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Baltic Way is held at ScienceTalenter and SorÝ Academy.

The contestants are hosted in Talenthotellet Frederik VI, Akademigrunden 18, 4180 SorÝ, Denmark.

The leaders are hosted in Hotel Postgaarden, Storgade 25, 4180 SorÝ, Denmark.

Train to SorÝ

It takes approximately 80 minutes to get to SorÝ Station by train from Copenhagen Airport. There are two trains an hour, no reservation is needed, and tickets for the train can be purchased at the airport.